Testing Of Arabic as Foreign Language

CEFR starA1-C2 Arabic Language Proficiency Test

We’re proud to announce our partnership with ProctorExam.

“With the integration of ProctorExam we’re using latest proctoring technologies to secure our Arabic online exams giving our customers the freedom to choose when and where to take the exam.”

Eckehard Schulz, Founder AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE


Based out of Amsterdam, ProctorExam is the largest European online proctoring company and the global leader in providing proctoring technology. The ProctorExam platform is a whitelabled SaaS platform that provides the main engine behind online proctoring services. The ProctorExam Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service (PIaaS) includes the first 360 degrees monitoring capabilities, a fully web-based solution and a highly customizable platform to offer your own branded online proctoring services.

Näyttökuva (65)

“The AL-ARABIYYA team has utilized the benefits of the ProctorExam platform by using our logging events that trigger actions on their testing platform by using the API. Especially with the very high volume of exams AL-ARABIYYA has planned, everything needed to be very efficient and fully automated.”

Daniel Haven, CEO ProctorExam


Read the full announcement here: https://proctorexam.com/proctorexam-teams-up-al-arabiyya-institute-global-provider-arabic-language-testing/

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