AL-ARABIYYA-TEST – Arabic Certificate


Dialect * 

You have the option to choose the dialect for the listening comprehension tasks. If you do not want a dialect for the Arabic exam, choose Modern Standard Arabic without dialect.

Level * 

Choose the level for the Arabic exam. The exam can be taken at levels A1 – C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).



The AL-ARABIYYA TEST is fully computer-based and is offered as Arabic exam for levels A1 / A2, B1 / B2 and C1 / C2.

The AL ARABIYYA TEST offers one

  • transparent review of Arabic language skills.
  • Optimization of the application documents.
  • better starting position in recruitment procedures than those who can not provide standard evidence.

The AL ARABIYYA TEST allows employers to

  • to require evidence of actual language skills.
  • to assess language skills in applications and to use them accordingly.

The AL ARABIYYA TEST covers your Arabic knowledge in four areas:


Number of questions Duration
Listening* 3

(1 in Modern Arabic, 1 close to dialect, 1 in dialect)

Reading 3 30′
Writing 3 40′
Speaking 3 20′
Total 12 120′

* In the case of listening comprehension, apart from tasks in the area of modern standard Arabic, there are also tasks with audios from one of the following 4 main dialects to be selected for the exam itself:

  • Arabian Peninsula / Iraq / Gulf,
  • Syria / Lebanon / Palestine,
  • Egypt / Libya / Sudan,
  • Morocco / Algeria / Tunisia