Exam Details

Language Modern Standard Arabic
Levels A1 – C2 (CEFR)
Skills ·        Listening

·        Reading

·        Writing

·        Speaking


(only used as part of listening comprehension)

·        Arabian Peninsula / Iraq / Gulf,

·        Syria / Lebanon / Palestine,

·        Egypt / Libya / Sudan,

·        Morocco / Algeria / Tunisia

* Since Modern Standard Arabic is not spoken in everyday life, dialect-related audios or videos from the above mentioned four main areas will be included. The examinee is obliged to choose the favorized dialect. It is only used as part of listening comprehension and will only ensure that the examinee is able to handle the dialect because everyday conversation is based on dialects and not on the Standard Language.

Setup & Timing

Older requirements recommend more time, based on paper-based testing. Computer based tests are much closer to reality of language reception and production, more effective and less time-consuming to take as opposed to paper-based tests. The test-taker can take only a specific amount of time to answer every question whereby reducing the overall time it takes to attempt the test. It has been shown empirically that the below defined period of time and amount of tasks leads to the expected results.

Skills Basic Tasks Schedule
Listening 3 30 minutes
Reading 3 30 minutes
Writing 3 40 minutes
Speaking 3 20 minutes
Total 12 120 minutes
  • Note: The AL-ARABIYYA TEST can also be performed as a presence test in Leipzig. If you would like to take the exam as a presence test, please contact us !