Exam Details

  • Listening, reading, writing and speaking are tested in levels A1 – C2
  • You can make the AL-ARABIYYA-TEST easy and comfortable from your computer at home or as a presence test in Leipzig. 
  • As a rule, you will receive your certificate by e-mail within 10 working days.


  • Number of tasks Schedule
    Listening* 3 30′
    Reading 4 30′
    Writing 2 40′
    Speaking 1 20′
    Total 10 120′

    * In the case of listening comprehension, apart from tasks in the area of ​​high-level language, there are also tasks with audios from one of the following 4 main dialects, which must be selected for the exam itself:

    1. Arabian Peninsula / Iraq / Gulf,
    2. Syria / Lebanon / Palestine,
    3. Egypt / Libya / Sudan,
    4. Morocco / Algeria / Tunisia

    Note: The AL-ARABIYYA TEST can also be performed as a presence test in Leipzig. If you would like to take the exam as a presence test, please contact us !