Testing Of Arabic as Foreign Language

CEFR starA1-C2 Arabic Language Proficiency Test

Rules and tips for exam takers. Make sure you read this before starting your exam!

You will need:

Laptop or Desktop

To pass an exam you will need the chrome’s plugin that is only compatible with a laptop or a desktop. The phones and tablets can only be used in addition to the computer when your exam requires it.

Google Chrome

No one likes to install unnecessary software on their computer, which is why we kept our platform as light as possible. The only requirement is that you use Google Chrome, on which you will be able to run our screen sharing extension. You must use a recent version to avoid any possible issues, so make sure to update!

A photo ID

We need to identify you before you can take a valid exam. This could be your student card, a passport, ID card or driver’s license; but either way it must show your name and photo.
Make sure to cover any irrelevant private info such as your student number!

Steady internet connection

We require a steady internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 1MB/sec.

Before your exam, make sure that:

Your room is well lit.

You should be clearly visible at all times.

You are alone.

You should be the only one taking the exam, so having someone else in the room is considered as serious violation.

Your cams are positioned right.

For both your webcam and smartphone cam, we need to be able to see you and your surroudings well.

During the exam:

No extra devices.

By default, you’re are not allowed to use additional devices such as second screens or phones/tablets.

No talking (or singing).

Any noise and talking will be analysed for suspicious behaviour, so make sure you’re in a quiet environment and that you refrain from talking out loud.

No toilet breaks.

You will need to remain within the camera frame during the exam, so toilet breaks are not allowed.
Make sure you go before starting the exam.