AL-ARABIYYA-TEST recognized in the Netherlands as standard certificate for MSA for interpreters and translators

The Dutch organization Bureau Wbtv, which was commissioned by the Minister of Security and Justice to implement the Law on Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Wbtv), has recognized the AL-ARABIYYA-TEST offered by the AL-ARABIYYA INSTITUTE as the standard certificate for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for interpreters and translators. Thus, when registering […]

Tes Penempatan untuk melamar Master atau Doktor

Tes Penempatan untuk melamar Master atau Doktor Sebagai persyaratan masuk untuk Master atau Doktor program studi di Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN, IAIN, STAIN) di Indonesia Anda harus mengikuti tes penempatan dalam bahasa Arab. Sebagai mitra resmi, AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE bekerja sama dengan UIN SUNAN AMPEL SURABAYA menawarkan tes penempatan untuk kualifikasi program […]

AL-ARABIYYA-TEST Franchise System for Language Centers

We’re looking for partners, who will promote the AL-ARABIYYA-TEST Do you have a language center and already testing other languages like English? Add our AL-ARABIYYA-TEST to your portfolio. With more than 10.000 online Arabic exams each month the AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE is a leading provider for Arabic language proficiency testing. Founded in […]

Arabic Assessment Tests

Arabic Language Proficiency Tests for Assessment Center All you need to evaluate your candidates Arabic language proficiency and to find the best fit. Hiring someone who masters Arabic according to your specifications Finding the best candidate with Arabic language skill isn‘t complicated. Let us do the evaluation for you. With […]

AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE teams up with ProctorExam, the largest European online proctoring company

We’re proud to announce our partnership with ProctorExam. “With the integration of ProctorExam we’re using latest proctoring technologies to secure our Arabic online exams giving our customers the freedom to choose when and where to take the exam.” Eckehard Schulz, Founder AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE ProctorExam Based out of Amsterdam, ProctorExam is the […]